Sunday, March 31, 2013

Love & Beauty - Forever 21 Polishes - Gorgeous glitters!

Long time no blog. :(  I have been a busy bee! This is going to be a short one too.  Pics mostly.  
I picked these up at Forever 21 a month or so ago.  I love that they have affordable and totally trendy polishes for a super thrifty price.  These remind me of something Deborah Lippmann would put out and then Revlon would knock off..  ;) I've never had an issue with coverage or application and I just built these puppies up with about 3-4 coats and then topped with SV.  The only complaint I have about Love & Beauty polishes are their boring generic names.  Yaaaawn!

Here they are:

Have you tried Love & Beauty polishes?

Until next time  ☺