Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cleopatra in New York by Deborah Lippmann

There's not much to say about Deborah Lippman's Cleopatra in New York except when I saw it I immediately said "gotta have it!!".  Deborah Lippmann's website describes this polish as: gold studded black (glitter) new - limited edition!

Deborah Lippman really needs to start taking it easy on me.  I can't keep buying her polish because it will surely break me...but it's all soooo preeetty!!!  Ack!! What's a girl to do?  I always justify it by telling myself that at least I don't have a shoe obsession.  Shoes are waaay more expensive.  Fortunately for me, I don't currently have any other DL's on my "want" list or pinned so I can take a breather and so can my wallet.  For now.

Here's Cleopatra for you.  This manicure consists of the usual Bonder base coat, several coats of Cleo.  DL glitters seems to always be a cinch to apply, no need to use the glitter "splat" method (it's so glitter packed!) and dry time is no worry.  After drying, I topped it off with a generous coat of SV.

Is it just me or does DL have the lotsa-gorgeous glitter suspended in a colored base thing down to perfection? 

I purchased Cleopatra in New York on sale via for $16.00 which included free shipping.  What a deal!

Do you have any DL in your collection?  If not, do you think you will ever give her a try?  

Until next time.  ☺