Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cult Nails Super Powers Collection Swatches

Today we have a picture heavy post featuring the Cult Nails Super Powers Collection and it’s shining star Clairvoyant, aka Unicorn Puke (gorgeous!).   This was a four pack that I bought on sale over X-mas for $20.00 (or maybe it was $30.00, I can't remember) plus shipping.  Currently, this collection is sold out.  But you can see many many great polishes from this small and fairly new company here : Cult Nails
Let’s get this post started, which will be more photos than words.

First are some photos of the adorable packaging that the polishes came in.  So cute!  FYI - for all the manicures I used a minimum 3 coats and I used a top coat of SV for each.

Clairevoyant reminds me of a stained glass windows, it's so beautiful and colorful and vibrant.  I used this over a base of Time Traveler.  This will look fantastic over black or purple and I can't wait to try some different combos.  I took photos with varying light setting to be able to show off all the ranges of color.

Time Traveler - this one is actually a darker inky blue in the bottle vs what the camera captured.  The nail photos show the color more true to real life.

Power Thief - brownish beige shimmer

Mind Control - dark smokey/black base with purple shimmer

As you can see, while the other polishes are nice, Clairvoyant is the stand out of this collection.  I wonder if there will be another flakey that will show Clairvoyant up this year considering all the polish companies that are jumping on the flakey band wagon for 2012.  I say the more the better!  Same goes for magnetic polishes.  Can you say "china glaze"?  This is going to be a fantastic year for polish, my friends.  I can't wait!

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