Saturday, January 21, 2012

Icing Magnetix - Magnetic Nail Polish from Icing

I was lucky enough to get the heads up today from one of my favorite polish bloggers, the PolishAholic, that the accessory store, Icing, was selling magnetic nail polish.  Of course, I ran to the mall immediately and picked up their last 4 magnetic polishes, of which I did a quick skittle swatch for you today to get a peek.  They were buy 1 get 1 half off, regular price $9.00 each and there are four different colors, none of which have names on the bottles. 
All of these are 2 coats and the blue one has a top coat of SV as it looks a little on the dull/matte side without it.

So what do you think?  I think you can't beat the price considering the Layla magnetic polishes I bought were $15.50 a pop via internet order and they didn't have the nice little mess up guard on the caps like these do.  I know China Glaze has their magnetic collection coming out soon, but I am not sure what the pricing will be like on those.  I have a feeling they'll be around $12.50 or so, but I hope they are less.  I like that I achieved full coverage in 2 coats and that these the colors and designs are interesting enough.  My favorite was the pink/rosie one and it's squiggle design, followed by the gold one (which looks way more cool in person).  Now the one negative I do have about these was the brushes.  In a nutshell, they sucked.  They were all wonkey and twisted up.  I think out of the 4, only one was normal. Despite this, I managed to get around the irregularity pretty easily, especially since right now my nails are so short (due to a middle finger nail casualty I suffered last week). 
I really hope you can find these gems for yourself.  If you can't find them right away due to sell-out, the sales girl my local Icing told me that it was their first shipment of Magnetix, so I imagine they'll be restocking soon.  I also observed that Icing actually has a pretty damn good selection of polishes and nail skins that are very reasonably priced.  Who would have thunk it?  Not me.  I avoid the mall like I avoid people with the sniffles.  I still haven't tried nail skins, so that just might be something I'll pick up on my next haul. 
Edit - so apparently the magnetic cap on these polishes pops off so that you don't have to struggle flipping over a loaded brush with cap and hovering it over your wet nail bed. Bonus points!!!!

Btw,  today's nail haul included 3 American Apparels I've been jonesing for, 2 of the new Special Effects flakeys from Finger Paints that I picked up at Sally's and a new butter London from their spring collection, that I grabbed at Dillard's.  I can't wait to get all these swatched soon!

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