Saturday, August 18, 2012

Essie's Penny Talk

Essie recently released a line of metallics and I thought they were all pretty "meh" except for this bad boy
Penny Talk, which I picked up at my neighborhood Walgreens.  This is the first true copper metallic polish in my nail polish stash and it is a stunner, in my opinion.
It's a copper that is shiny and as true to the color of a brand new penny as it could possible be.  I know.  I compared. I think these picture below look ok, but I can tell you it's much prettier in person.

For these photos  I used a base of Bonder, 2 coats of Penny Talk and SV to top it off.  Now, keep in mind metallics can be tricky.  They dry really fast and tend to streak, so if you don't load your brush enough it can be a problem, but if you load it too much that can also cause issues as well.  I had to do my index finger twice because when I went in with the 2nd coat my brush didn't have enough color on it and it cause these ugly drag lines and we couldn't have that.  So it was just a little bit of trouble for a whole lot of pay off.

Here ya go:

The one thing I'm really bad at when blogging about nail polish is remembering to make a mental note of how much I paid for it.  I believe this was $8.00 at Walgreens, but don't hold me to that number.  

So what do you think?  Are you digging the copper? What's your favorite color to wear when it comes to metallic polish?  If you would like to see the other colors in the line you can check them out on Essie's website.  

Until next time ☺


  1. That was very well applied ^^ It looks just as perfect as if you had put on some stickers :)

  2. Thanks! ☺ I'm glad I have a pretty steady hand. Those metallics can be tricky buggers.