Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 Color Club Boho Collection (Part A)

I can't believe it's Sunday night already.  I vote for a 4 day work week, 32 hours - that's it!  Who's with me?!

So, in nail polish obsession news,  I made an unscheduled stop at my favorite Ross store here in Tucson yesterday, as I was wasting some time with a friend before going to see the movie Warrior at the mall.  In the short browse-fest, I scored Color Club's 2011 Fall Boho Collection (part A - they didn't have part B, but I will be casing my 4 nearby stores regularly to see if it magically appears) and the best part is, it was only $7.99 for 6 polishes and 1 top coat.  What a steal!!!  I should add that I found the Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection of scented polishes for the same price a couple of months ago at a different Ross. P.S.- I <3 you, Ross!  Granted Color Club isn't typically an expensive polish, but at a normal price of around $3.75 a bottle, this little gem was a definite savings.  And who couldn't be pleased with that?

Without further adieu...

And on the nails...

The colors are listed on the package as they are painted on my nails in order from pinky to thumb. 
I covered up Nomadic in Nude on the pinky finger with Red-ical Gypsy for this next pic.

Most items found at Ross are close-outs or slightly defective items, so of course I wondered what was wrong with these?  But I found these polishes are in perfect condition and are a brand-new just released line.  That makes me go "Hmmmm?".  The only defect I could find was that this collection came with a top coat vs the base coat which is what is described on the box they came in.

The colors you see in the above pictures are as accurate as can be (even the red!).  I am very happy with Color Club's formula in all the other bottles I've purchased before and this set didn't let me down one bit.  I didn't use a base coat for these pictures and I applied 3 coats for all of the colors with exception of Red-ical, which was only 2 coats.  Since I was merely doing a swatch set, I did not use a top coat and as you can see, these polishes are super shiny even without it.   Now, while some of you may find this collection to be a snooze fest, I actually thought all of the colors were very pretty and appear to be extremely wearable with just about anything.  I'm looking forward to wearing a full manicure in New Bohemian, Shabby Drab and Rad Nomad.  What do you think?  Now, if I could only get my hands on Part B...

Until next time. 

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