Sunday, September 25, 2011

Magnetic nail polish, finally!!!!!

So I have been lemming (refer to the glossary!) magnetic nail polish for about a year now, but there hadn't been a magnetic polish sold in the states for some time.  All the blogs that I read where magnetic polish was profiled were from bloggers in the U.K. or U.S. gals who had done some awesome trading with polish lovers from overseas.  Well, the wait is over and magnetic nail polishes are in the states and are a-plenty in various brands and colors. 

I am very pleased to say that I am the owner of 2 magnetic polishes by Layla that I purchased through who had a $1.00 shipping promotion for purchases $50.00 or more ( I bought several of the SpaRitual polishes from their fall collection that I'll be swatching soon and are GORGEOUS).  I was so giddy and excited to get my package in the mail and put a full manicure on immediately in Golden Bronze.

For those of you unfamiliar with magnetic nail polish, the polish has tiny magnetic particles in it and the polish cap has a built in magnet that will put a simple design on your nails when you hover the cap over a wet coat of polish. The more layers of polish, the more intense the effect. You can see a Layla tutorial here: Layla Magnetic Nail Polish Tutorial to really get the idea.  P.S.- the lady's accent in the tutorial cracks me up and I question if it is a real accent or a just put on.  Anywho, Layla has a simple stripe design, while some other brand polishes will have a star design as well as the stripe as a choice.  Either way, the effect is really something that I never seen and find to be truly mesmerizing. 

So, for you today, I have my first try at a vertical stripe mani, which was very subtle and gave a look of almost a tiger eye stone to my nails.  I got many compliments while wearing this manicure and thought the color and effect was to die for. 

And then I tried to mix up the lines and the intensity...
The above effects were acheived with 2 coats of nail polish, which was nice and easy to apply and had the perfect consistency.  The top mani photos had a top coat of SV and the second mani had none.  And just so you know, the Layle Magneffect bottles are a little bit smaller than the average bottle of nail color and at they are $15.50 a pop.  Kind of pricey to some folks, but to me, the price is totally worth it based on the results.  I'll be swatching Purple Galaxy in the near future and have a feeling it's going to be just as, if not more awesome than Golden Bronze.

Until next time.

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