Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Mani - Lush Lacquer Midnight Affair + Essence Walk on Air

No time for jibber jabber tonight.  I'm going to try to head off to snoozeville early, but wanted so badly to share my beautiful new polish from Lush Lacquer called Midnight Affair.  It's glittery sparkle sweetness in a bottle.  I paired this baby up with a new Essence I picked up at Ulta a few weeks ago called Walk on Air (99¢ never looked so good!) and thought they really would make a nice couple.  So I married them.  

Here's is their blissful union in pictures...

I started out a base coat of Orly Bonder, then 2 coats of Walk on Air.  I didn't use a top coat for the following pics of Walked on Air solo.  It shines that nicely all on it's own.  My thumb has 3 coats because I had an oops moment I had to repair.  Great drying time, no fuss application, even with the teeny tiny bottle.   This is just the right blue for the holiday too.  :)  

I topped Walk on Air off with a single coat of Midnight Affair.  This polish is so glitter packed, it doesn't need much help.  The long skinny pieces are less desirable at the top of the nail, so I did pull those off if they were sticking out to make sure nothing hung off the edge of my nail.  It's also a tad thick, which made me a little nervous at first, but it was for nothing because I was able to control the application extremely well.  Drying time was pretty quick - a few minutes.  I used a top coat of SV to smooth everything out and voila!  A patriotic mani in no time at all.

FIREWORKS!!! Boom! Pow!


Oooooh!!!  Aaaah!!!

Lush Lacquer is an indie polish brand that you can buy on Etsy here: Shop @ Lush Lacquer.  Their full size polishes go for $8.75 each (+ shipping) and they also have a mini bottle sampler deal where you can pick any 4 of their custom blends for $19.00.  All I can say is there are plenty of wonderific glitter combos to choose from, so get 'em while their hot. 

Happy 4th everybody!  Until next time.

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