Sunday, July 1, 2012

Forever 21 Nail Polishes - Sea Foam and Light Yellow

I went on a little bit of a bender the last time I went to Forever 21 with only the intention to pick up an accessory or 2.  Fortunately for my wallet, Forever 21's Love & Beauty brand is wonderfully cheap and I had some cred left over on a gift card, so the 7 polishes I bought didn't hurt one bit.  You can find Forever 21 polishes in their polish bins @ a store near you or online here: Forever 21

Here's a couple for you:

Seafoam  - This was 4 coats in order to reduce the VNL.  No top coat.  Love the shimmer! Reminds me of butter London's Victoriana.

And here's Light Yellow.  4 coats again, no top coat.  Also super shimmery...reminds me of an egg yolk.

What do you think?  You can't beat such cool colors for under $3.00.  It's practically unheard of!!!  I also picked up Confetti Crush which I am dying to use in a jelly sandwich, if only I could find the right color to sandwich it in.  I guess you'll have to wait and see what I choose.  Suggestions are welcome.  :)

Until next time.

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